Norwegian banks shall report accounting figures to the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund on a quarterly basis. We send an e-mail to the banks at the end of each quarter. The e-mail contains information about what to be send to us. We ask for the quarterly or annual report in addition to a spreadsheet with accounting and balance sheet figures as well as some additional information. The deadline for submission is approximately 1.5 months after the end of the quarter for the first three quarters and somewhat later for the annual accounts.

After the banks have submitted their figures and we have quality assured them, we send an e-mail to each bank, approximately two months after the end of the quarter and three months after the end of the year. The e-mail contains the bank's key figures and reference group figures for comparable banks. The reference groups are based on both the type of bank and the size of the assets under management. Savings banks are compared with other savings banks and other banks are compared with both savings and other banks. The asset under management is divided into groups of NOK 0-6, 6-20, 20-400 billion and all banks.

As of third quarter 2024, the banks' direct reporting to us will cease because we now have access to data from other authority reporting. The key figures reports that the banks have received by e-mail, as well as figures for individual banks and analyses that have been published on our website, will not be prepared from the third quarter of 2024.

The Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund has every quarter sent an analyst report to analysts and other stakeholders per e-mail, based on data from the banks' accounting reporting. As of third quarter 2024, the analyst report will not be sent per e-mail, but will be published on our website. Analysts and member banks will be able to calculate corresponding key figures based on available data in the analyst report.