The resolution fund is to be used to implement crisis measures if a company is hit by a crisis.

Who will have to pay contributions?

Banks, credit institutions and securities institutions that are covered by the minimum initial capital requirement in the Securities Trading Act shall pay annual contributions to the resolution fund.

How much is to be paid in total annual contributions?

The total annual contribution to the resolution fund is set at 1 per thousand of total guaranteed deposits at the institutions, according to the Financial Institutions Act.

How much shall each institution pay in annual contributions?

The total annual contribution is to be distributed among the institutions. The basis for annual contributions to the resolution fund is the institution’s share of total debt with a deduction of the amount of guaranteed deposits, as well as a risk adjustment based on complexity and risk profile.

Smaller institutions shall only pay a threshold contribution. By smaller institutions is meant institutions with assets under management of less than EUR 1 billion, and where total debt with the deduction of guaranteed deposits is less than EUR 300 million. The threshold contribution is divided into six different levels based on the size of the debt. The threshold contributions will normally be lower than what these institutions would pay if they were included in the calculation of risk-adjusted fund contributions.

The calculation method is explained in the model documentation (in Norwegian only (PDF, 447KB) (PDF, 447KB).

The calculation method is established in EU Regulation 2015-63.

What is the minimum size of the resolution fund?

The resolution fund shall constitute at least one percent of total guaranteed deposits. As of 31 December 2022, the resolution fund had liquid assets that corresponded to 1.63 per cent of guaranteed deposits. If the size of the fund should fall below the minimum requirement, annual contributions may be set higher than 1 per thousand. The institutions can also be charged an additional contribution of up to three times the ordinary annual contribution if the fund resources are not sufficient to cover an ongoing resolution.