The deposit guarantee applies to deposits, regardless of whether they are linked to private individuals or companies. The guarantee covers, among other things, deposits from:

  • Private persons
  • Companies
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Associations
  • Teams and organisations
  • Non-profit organisations

Examples of deposits covered by the guarantee:

  • Deposits at savings and current accounts
  • Fixed-rate and NIBOR-linked accounts
  • Deposits in both NOK and foreign currency
  • Positive balance on credit cards and other credits, such as flexi loans
  • Cash balance in share savings account (Aksjesparekonto) (not shares and other securities)

Examples of deposits that the guarantee does not cover:

  • Deposits from depositors with unknown identity
  • Deposits that are the proceeds of transactions which, according to a final judgment, are in breach of money laundering regulations
  • Investments in financial assets such as shares, fund shares and bonds
  • Deposits from public authorities
  • Deposits from financial institutions