The deposits will be made available to you as a customer no later than seven working days after the Ministry of Finance has decided to liquidate the bank. This happens either by the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund paying out the guaranteed deposits to you, or by the deposits being transferred to another bank and made available to you there. You will be informed about which method that will be used.

If the method is reimbursement from the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund, there are two payment options:

If you have a BankID

For companies and private individuals, the deposits will be made available by logging in with BankID via our website. Once you have logged in, you will get an overview of your deposits and you must enter your personal or your company's account number in another bank to which you want the deposit to be transferred. After the transfer, the money will be in your account within a couple of working days. Remember that for companies, only the CEO or the chairperson of the board can log in to the website using the company's organization number and personal BankID.

If you don't have a BankID

If you do not have a BankID, you must contact the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund to have the Giro Payment sent in the post. Persons under the age of 13, who cannot get a BankID, will receive Giro Payment.
Giro Utbetaling can be redeemed at a bank or post office by showing valid identification. The bank or post office will then deposit the money into an account that you already have or can set up.

If you can neither use BankID nor receive Giro Payment, please contact us.

If you are a customer of a Norwegian bank abroad and cannot use a Norwegian BankID, we will send you information on how to log in.