If a financial firms fail the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund will reimburse your deposit up to the guaranteed amount, provided that the financial firm is member of the norwegian deposit guarentee scheme or is a norwegian a branch of a financial firm in EU/EEA.
In the event of a reimbursment, you will be asked to transfer your guaranteed deposits to a bank account at another bank. If you do not have an account with another bank, it can easily be created with BankID or you can open a new account physically at the bank.

In order for us to be able to transfer guaranteed deposits to a bank, it is a requirement that the customer has a separate account in the bank. Some banks use a common deposit account for their customers, and require a customer identification number (KID) to identify the individual depositor. This does not meet the requirement for the customer to have a separate account, and we can unfortunately not transfer guaranteed deposits to banks that require a customer identification number (KID). This applies to the following banks: 

  • Aprila Bank ASA
  • BB-TF Bank Norge NUF
  • BlueStep Bank AB, Filial Oslo
  • Instabank ASA
  • Komplett Bank ASA
  • Kraft Bank ASA
  • Maritime & Merchant Bank ASA
  • Nordnet Bank (filial av Nordnet Bank AB)
  • Optin Bank ASA
  • Safe Deposit Bank of Norway AS